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Interview with the Powell Quadruplets

Dr. Lindemann’s video is about maternal and mortality at a time when maternal deaths in the United States have increased at an alarming rate.

The good news is that there are success stories.

Introduction to Video Course on Childbirth

I am pleased to have this opportunity to talk with you about a topic which is in the news almost daily—the maternal death rate in the United States.

My video course on how to survive childbirth in now available..

Delay and Denial Cause Maternal Deaths

Each year an estimated 1200 women in the U.S. suffer complications during pregnancy or childbirth that prove fatal and 60,000 suffer consequences that are near-fatal….

Some Maternal Mortality Solutions

Few times in our lives do we encounter better outcomes than we anticipate. I have been very fortunate in that when I was called upon to teach, I found I liked it much more than I ever thought I could.