Dr. Lindemann Discusses “Pregnancy Your Way” with Jack Canfield

It was an honor to be interviewed by Jack Canfield, one of the world’s leading authors and motivational speakers. Best known for writing the best-selling Chicken Soup for the Soul series, Jack Canfield knows what makes a good book.  

We talked about my new book “Pregnancy Your Way” and how women should know about the importance of choice. 

Pregnancy Your Way  

With this book, I really wanted to focus on mothers and how they should know that they have autonomy when it comes to their pregnancies. My hope is that with all the information they need in this one book, they can create better outcomes for their own health and pregnancy. And as I have shared with Jack, I really want to introduce and emphasize autonomy and the importance of knowledge for pregnant women so that they can advocate for themselves. 

The Inspiration for this Book 

I also shared how I was inspired to write this book. I fell in love with obstetrics in my third year of medical school. And through that, I have learned so much that has now guided me in my entire career. Not one patient is ever the same. So even if there is a textbook way of treating them, you quickly realize that what is good for one patient isn’t always good for the next one. With this, I also realized that there is a huge lack of communication and information that we should fix for the benefit of pregnant women and their families. 

Writing Pregnancy Your Way is my way of helping pregnant women be more informed about their choices and power in their pregnancy. As I told Jack, this wouldn’t be possible without the help of my patients and the things that I learned from each of them. From how to eat in the morning to how you shouldn’t shower before you eat — all of these are things I learned from experience and from my patients. 

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