Introduction to Video Course on Childbirth

by Alan Lindemann, M.D.

I am pleased to have this opportunity to talk with you about a topic which is in the news almost daily—the maternal death rate in the United States.

My video course on how to survive childbirth in now available.. A description of this course can be found in the sidebar. However, the free description of how this course will help prepare you to steer your own pregnancy and birth is now available on YouTube.

I finished the series and it is really good, I can see this helping both parents and any one in the medical field.

The part about patients not having just one doctor who keeps up with them really hits home. It’s like tag team medicine….

                                                                                                              Ellen Smith

I wrote Modern Medicine: What You’re Dying to Know 25 years ago to show how the physician-patient relationship was being destroyed by the profit motive of big business medicine. In this course, I show how the corporate takeover of medicine by profiteering has radically changed pregnancy, labor, and delivery for patients today.

Our current corporately controlled health care system has shut down many of the avenues which contributed to good practices in infant and maternal health care. It probably seems unbelievable to most listeners, but the model for pregnancy, labor, and delivery I learned in residency no longer exists except in some environments similar to home births.


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