Reducing Maternal Mortality

“Every woman who gives birth in the United States today
has a 50% greater chance of dying than their mother did.”


The maternal and infant death rate in the United States is very high compared to other developed countries. There is much hand-waving about this, but physicians are uniquely able to address what has happened to health care in the United States to drive up increasing maternal mortality rates and C-section rates.
I have created a video course “How to Avoid Losing Your Life in Childbirth.” It’s actually meant to be self-help for women and their families on how to protect themselves from the many ways obstetrics has changed over my years, changes which have not been in the best interest of mothers and babies.


“Each year an estimated 1200 women in the U.S. suffer complications
during pregnancy or childbirth that prove fatal and
60,000 suffer consequences that are near-fatal….”

While various committees are trying to ferret out the causes of maternal deaths, women are dying. The CDC uses the term delay and denial as operative in up to half of maternal deaths.

Some say obstetrics is nature at work, but I’d say it’s being aware of the subtleties of context. In residency we were taught to look for the things which could cause trouble during pregnancy and delivery. We then did our best to avoid these problems before they showed up to complicate our patient care.

Reducing Maternal Mortality

Maternal Mortality