The Treating Physician

The articles on are written by Dr. Lindemann and posted here. This is Dr. Lindemann’s blog.

However, in 2012, many years before Dr. Lindemann began writing articles for his blog, I had begun  writing The Treating Physician. The disparities in health care reimbursement hits primary care physicians particularly hard, and on top of that, North Dakota is hit with immense rural/urban reimbursement disparities built into the system.

There’s obviously some overlap in the discussions on my blog, and what you will find here on Dr. Lindemann’s blog. We have for many years of co-authored articles on health care, beginning with Modern Medicine: What You’re Dying to Know. However, I have made an effort to avoid talking about diagnoses and treatments of patients per se so as not to be practicing medicine without a license.

modmedHowever, I don’t need a license to tell readers the story of how North Dakota Medicaid refused to pay for a patient visit because the paper was the wrong size. There’s the dark web—and then there’s dark claims reimbursement. For more dark claims stories, surf on over to The Treating Physician.