There is so much contradictory information on the internet about just about any subject you search, and healthcare issues are no exception. Just the question of whether you should drink coffee or not when you’re pregnant will pull up sites which report you should avoid all caffeine to sites which say one or two cups of coffee a day while you are pregnant is fine.

Dr. Lindemann has provided his perspective on many of these issues both in his responses to requests from online sites and in his blog posts. To make his blog posts easily accessible to visitors, he has created a table of contents so you can scan his blog posts for the information you are looking for. In addition, if you are interested in a certain topic such as diet in pregnancy, you can put a word or two in the search engine on the blog page and search all the blog posts in the table of contents for your subject. Try it! You will pull up several blog posts on your subject.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for in Dr. Lindemann’s blog posts, you could check out his books. Much of the information in his many blog posts can be found in one convenient place in his latest book, Pregnancy Your Way. He also has a number of what Etsy calls printables, that is, short downloadable pdfs on pregnancy topics.


thumbnail of Dr. LindemannPerhaps you have looked over all Dr. Lindemann’s material and haven’t found the information you want. Then perhaps you might check out Dr. Lindemann’s course on how to make choices for a safe pregnancy. The information in this course provides information which will allow you to ask informed questions of your physician and work in cooperation with your physician in making decisions about what you want in your pregnancy and delivery.