Dr. Lindemann Explains How Your Can Make Choices to
Improve  Your Safety During Pregnancy and Delivery

Dr. Lindemann has long been concerned about the difficulty women have in accessing the personalized care they need, especially during pregnancy and after the delivery of their baby.

Throughout a pregnancy, women have many choices to make in cooperation with their doctor. Do you know you should take your blood pressure every day ? Do you want a natural birth or do you want a C-section? Do you want a hospital birth or a home birth?


In this course, Dr. Lindemann provides information about these and many other choices women face in pregnancy so they can feel confident in working with their doctor to create the kind of pregnancy they want. Dr. Lindemann created his course, “How to Avoid Losing Your Life in Childbirth” to provide women with the information they need to keep their pregnancy on a safe course to a successful and happy delivery.

The course includes a video on “How to Do a C-section” and is available separately (images are illustrations, not videos of an actual operation). All women should know what’s involved in a C-section. This is a major surgery, the most common surgery performed in the U.S. Even though you may be planning on a vaginal birth, you should know what to expect with a C-section in case of emergencies.

The course curriculum tells you the content of the various modules. Or watch Dr. Lindemann’s welcome video to find out how every pregnant woman can make choices for a safe pregnancy.

Still not quite sure about this investment in your safe pregnancy? Then try watching the video of Dr. Lindemann reminiscing with the family of the quadruplets he delivered!